One reason people give for starting a house restoration project is to form a connection with the past. Whether your particular project is an accurate historical architectural recreation, or you just want a hint of nostalgia with an eclectic mix of elements that create a style unique to your preferences, consider including iron bollards as a decorative, as well as useful part of the plan. These 3-foot-high metal posts have been used for centuries to enrich the beauty of structures and landscapes as well as serve as practical barriers and guides.

No matter what time period, or special look and feel, you are aiming for, these charming decorations are currently being manufactured to meet your requirements. Most time periods and styles are represented in the vast array of styles and colors available on the market today. Companies that specialize in architectural iron will have a selection of iron bollards that will fit your specifications and preferences exactly. Working with design professionals, you will be able to select the exact fit for your particular project that will accurately represent the correct time period or subtly suggest the sensation you are trying to achieve.

Carefully selecting the design and placement of these beautiful and useful essentials will transform any architectural restoration or decorative landscape project into something truly distinct from the ordinary. Less imposing than a fence or wall, but a barrier nonetheless, a garden path lined with these solemn iron sentries radiates a magical feeling. Acting as buttresses against unwelcomed wheels or feet, their beauty will also enrich the environment they inhabit.

Consider adding a special touch to the setting you are fashioning with elements that convey a sensation of the splendid past. A simple, unobtrusive way for you to tie together the ambiance you are working toward, iron bollards will add a functional flair to your structures and backdrops and  help you attain the atmosphere you desire.