Structured Steel Sections

It can be done in house expertly and cost-effectively. With beam rolling the hard way, the beams are curved on an x-x axis. The results depend on the techniques and machines employed by structural steel fabrication companies. Machines called I beam, H beam, and C channel bending machines can be configured for strong axis bending capabilities. They have extra rolls that pull on the flange of the metal shaft that is getting rolled the hard way. Working these machines takes special skills as the right balance and tension must be typically retained to the rolls pulling the flange.

The beam bending machines accelerate the processing of tunnel steel arch in support of hard way bending. The steel rolled the hard way can be used in diverse industries, including building bridges, operational railways, tunnels, highways, hydraulic tunnels, and factory building.

Rolling Steel Plate

Hydraulic I beam bending machine can be applied in the making of tunnel support steel arch and I-beams under 25#,175 i beam,11#Mine beam. The machines use the induction bending technique that involves pressing a small area of the shaft to make it easier to bend.

The beam is pushed to the swing arm to press the steel into a U shape. The operator guides the hydraulic system for a bending process that typically attains the required radius per the modular design. A mechanical transmission is engaged to rotate the active roller and push the steel forward and gradually for a continuous and incident-free bending.

The modern machine also roll-curves beam sections to impossibly tight radiuses with minimum distortion. The machines can bend a W6 x 12# beam rolled the “hard way” to a 2’ radius. In the right expert hands, the machines can regularly bend steel into rolls arcs with tangents, ellipses, do off-axis and multi-axis frames. You can use it to create helical coils or circular stair stringers depending on project needs.

Structured Steel Sections

Advanced h beam bending machinery provides a cost-effective and efficient rolling of beams the hard way. You can use h beam bending machines for making tubes, pipes, bars, and profiles—these machines, from leading fabrication brands, ranging from entry-level to sophisticated production solutions.

The h beam bending machine delivers the strong bending force needed to roll beams into h-channel. The bending force is less than 1000KN limiting the deformation of your sheet metal. The bending of narrow plates, in the same way, requires minimal working pressure.

The bending plate is placed at the center of the mold for precision. For work pieces that must be worked from the side, better results are attained with a force of below 250KN on both sides in tandem.

The right h beam bending machine should be designed for the highest dimensional accuracy. You should be able to achieve smoother curves and minimal distortion. You may similarly find better usability with h beam rolling machines that can be shipped to and from off-site and on-site locations without transportation hiccups.

A lot of load calculations go into accurate beam rolling hard way. Machines with a logic controller take that burden off your hands with their programmable functionality. The best machines can be controlled both numerically and manually without lengthy calculations and measurements.

Steel Plate Rolling Companies

With the best c channel bending machine, the manufacturing process is fast. The long and wide beam of raw metal is machined fast before being fed into symmetrical press wherefore the walls are flanged into a c shape. In cases where the c channel has a distinctive form of varying thicknesses, a mold is used in the healing process to attain the needed design.

The best c bending machine can save you time and money by bending precisely what you need to the highest standards. C channel frames have broad applications in structural and civil engineering. You can use c channel machines in the independent production of parts used in the manufacturing of enclosures, machinery, vehicles, and bridges. C channel beams are also frequently used in the construction of structural support in buildings.

The best c channel bending machine has heavy fabricated steel frames designed to guarantee high accuracy.  The machine features drive rolls with a hydraulic planetary motor that doubles torque, connecting arms, continuous chains, clutches, forming rolls that severely reduce flats, double-roll spherical bearings, and modular tooling configurable for rolling standard C frames.

The best C channel machines use controller programming to govern the hydraulic control system for accurate positioning rightly. With the right machine, you can bend the steel automatically, fast and seamlessly.

Our C roll-bending equipment can be used for an extensive range forming up to 48” channels, hard way 20” pipes, and 20” square tubes and a plethora of custom structural shapes for your different projects. You can attain a tight radius bends with near-zero distortion.

The beam rolling machines specialize in multi-radius hard way bending for segments of all shapes and sizes. You can create Architectural Channels with their basic square corners for structural support in building constructions.

The c channel bending machines can be used to create the Aluminum Association C channel, which is thicker and features rounded channels. Depending on your project needs, your c channel bending machines should have the capabilities to make the American Standard C Channel that has smoother sides and thinner tops for molding, trimming and joining applications.

For safety, the best machines have a dual automatic shutdown. The system helps the machine to shut down itself when it reaches the specified size. The braking system shuts down when there is no material.

We are a leading structural and hard way rolling specialists. Our beam rolling machines offer capabilities that range from the manufacture of machined-quality I beams to H beams and C beams. You are guaranteed ISO-certified quality assurance with our beam rolling machines.

You can leverage our certified fabrication if you seek value-added services. We guarantee a quick turnaround for all projects requiring specialized beam rolling hard way. We have been able to curve some large structural shapes from plates of up to 6” thick—we are a one-stop-shop for all your shaping and rolling needs.