Over the past few years, Dave's Architectural Iron LLC has proven to be an industry-leading structural steel fabrication and erection company. 

Our specialists have decades of experience in the structural steel composition construction industry, serving the needs of homes, businesses, and industrial clients. Call us for a personalized and comprehensive structural steel fabrication and erection service package.

Structural Steel Erectors Near Me

Unlike other steel erection contractors, we deliver high-quality installations driven by highly skilled workers and stringent compliance to standards. You deserve safe and dependable structures erected on time without cutting corners. That's where we come in.

With our engineering, erectors, and site supervision teams, you can expect that your structural steel erection projects will be accomplished successfully and safely. We are well equipped to handle the risks in any job site. We have experience in erecting steel structures as large as 25,000 tons. We adhere to proven safety and standard operating procedures in both small and large scale endeavors.

We maintain the safety and standards of our operations through:

  • Quality control system
  • A structured safety plan
  • Erection stability policy
  • Third-party inspections and audits

 Structural Steel Fabricators And Erectors

After we design and fabricate your steel members, the next step is installation and erection. Getting all these services from a single provider can significantly save your time and money. Our steel installation and erection activities are meticulous and done with the assistance of cutting edge technology vis-à-vis the fabrication process.

The process entails assembling the steel members into a frame and hoisting them in position. Aligning and fastening is a critical step in the process, leading to the final sturdy and safe structures. Our proper site coordination makes it possible to attain a smoothly running project and meet client deadlines.

Steel Erectors Association Of America

We produce cut to measure structural steel columns for various construction projects. These columns are the backbone of every commercial and residential construction projects these days. We take measures to ensure that from the design to the erection stage, you get high-quality steel columns that can accelerate the success of your project.

These measures include fabricating and erecting columns that are:

Straight and axially loaded

Have uniform stress

Have consistent and uniform material

Have no transverse loads

We also complete all works for rigid and pin bolted column joints. No matter how intricate your structural steel column project is, you can expect us to exceed your expectations.

Steel Erector Companies

There is an increasing need for better outcomes and safety and compliance in steel erection projects. Now more than ever, clients like you are turning to steel erection companies that leverage the best technology and erection methodologies for these better outcomes. 

At Dave's Architectural Iron LLC, we have helped countless construction companies like you overcome steel erection challenges. We understand the pressure you are under to deliver sturdy and safe structures that meet design requirements. We have the machinery and manpower capabilities to achieve your objectives on time and cost-effectively.

Steel Erectors

Erecting steel columns is one of the most vital parts of the structural steel installation process. The best steel column erection partners should understand the needs of construction companies and provide an outsourced service that is worth its salt. When time to erect steel columns, find a partner that explores creative ways to deliver as per your project's requirements.

Our steel erection framework comprises of 4 key steps:

  • Foundation preparation: The success of the whole steel erection initiative depends on a solid foundation.
  • Hoisting and placement: The next step is lifting and positioning the structural steel beams and columns in place.
  • Structural alignment: This step in the process is critical for an upright or sturdy structure.
  • Final fastening: Once everything sits well according to design, the final step is bolting the members in place for permanence and rigidity.

Steel Erector Companies Near Me

Just like other structures such as roads and bridges, erecting steel frame building works on the principles of safety and stability. We have the unique ability to help businesses and homeowners speed up their building projects with our erection service. If you want your building constructed and finished on schedule, with utmost site safety and code compliance, we are the guys to call.

Our erection approach champions job site safety. We do rigorous construction design reviews prioritizing a plan that entails safety ownership and quality control. The advantage of working with a qualified team like ours is that you can be certain of the training and experience of our structural steel specialists.

You might also appreciate our worksite flexibility, which helps us to stick to well-maintained schedules. We can relocate manpower and machinery if need be, with an end goal to finish your project in time, whether a home or an industrial park.

Our steel frame building erection process entails:

Preparing the foundation, Laying out structural steel members, Hoisting and positioning mainframes and rafters, Installing framed openings, Roof and wall sheeting

Steel Erectors Definition

Steel erectors are skilled members of teams that are specially trained to install and erect farmed steel structures, including buildings and bridges. That sufficiently defines our services, perhaps with the emphasis that our erectors are also savvy fabricators and designers that can rise up to any challenges in the field.

We offer full steel services in the lifecycle of your building construction life cycle. We can design, fabricate, assemble, and sheep the structural steel to your site where we then do the reception. Project management is our forte. When we are around, you can rest easy and focus on other aspects of your project, knowing that the erection is a given success.

We retain a talented in-house team through approaches such as training and retraining and fostering growth opportunities. You can expect, thus, structural steel erection specialists that love their jobs and go above and beyond in all projects. Our teams can handle commercial structural steel erection, metal building assembly, and steel fit-up and welding. Unlike our competitors, we don't outsource the job. The benefit for you is a budget-friendly service and a timely delivery.

Learn how our diverse skills and wide-ranging capabilities can lead to better outcomes in your next project. Contact us for the best structural steel erection services.

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We have more than 20 years experience working with all types of custom fences, gates, railings and more. Our company was opened in 2009 and since then we’ve built a reputation for providing the best steel and aluminum custom made products in the area. We are dedicated to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations, bringing old world charm, contemporary style – or a seamless mix of both – into your home or business.

 Our hard work paid off in 2016 when we received the Best of Paterson Award. The Paterson Award Program was established to recognize the best of the local businesses in the community.  This achievement is given to a company that is believed to have achieved exceptional marketing success in the local community and business category – making Paterson a great place to live, work and play.




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