Wrought Iron Stair Railings

When it comes to stair railings, wrought iron is the twenty-four carat—pure and unadulterated. 

This is a robust material with corrosion resistance that surpasses steel and longevity that outlives aluminum. Its beauty and ease of maintenance also distinguish it from all other architectural elements. That's why all high-end building designs feature wrought iron railings.

Beauty and safety

Wrought iron stair Handrail can make your home or commercial property stand out. These installations have a rustic appeal, and they can be forged into any shape or design. But that's not the only reason to install wrought iron stair railings. Every building must invest in the safety of its inhabitants and guests. It's a requirement by building regulations to install stair railings provided there is a "30 inches drop." Installation of wrought iron stair railings is, therefore, one way to make your building code compliant. It also helps you to get the right insurance coverage for your property.

Wrought Iron Staircase Railing

Safety and code compliance—these are hard to ignore. You need the right type of metal designed by the best experts to help you bolster the safety of stairs in and outside of your property. Working with a custom fabrication shop empowers you to get the right types of wrought iron staircase railing designs.

WeEven as you consider architectural ornamentation with this metal frames and fences, accessibility should also be top of your mind. The best-wrought iron staircase railings are designed to ease and enhance access to your building, making your stairs navigable for all types of persons.

The significant advantage of using custom wrought iron for stair railings is that they will remain functional for many years to come. It is a worthwhile investment that also lets you bag the rewards when it comes to styling. So, as you prevent accidents and make your floors easy to access, you simultaneously improve the curb appeal of your home and the occupancy rate of your commercial property.

 do things differently. We let you take part in the whole process, from production to installation. You can work with the meticulously crafted designs in our catalogs. Alternatively, you can tell us the styling ideas you have in mind, or share with us the schematics for your building. We will then create custom wrought iron pieces that align well with your architectural style and perform expectedly when it comes to functionality.

We have endless designs and finishing options for your wrought iron railings. We will make sure that all deployments and installations have undergone stringent testing and that they are compliant with building codes—all that without busting your budget.

 Wrought Iron Balusters Installation

Our handmade custom balusters stand out in strength and elegance. We have a wide assortment of sizes and shapes to update your old staircase railings or transform your wooden railings into sturdier and dependable structures. But our work is not limited to designing and manufacturing—we carry out the installation as part of our services.

Not everyone is an expert at wrought iron baluster installation. The undertaking needs some expertise working with wrought iron metal pieces and aptness in cutting and even reshaping parts on the spot. We make that easy for you. We can do the installation on your behalf to save your time, reduce costs, and accelerate your compliance with building codes.

Our baluster installation services are fast and efficient. We complete most small to medium scale installation jobs within a day. For large scale projects, the transformation process might take a few days because of the several steps involved in it

Custom Wrought Iron Handrails

The use of wrought iron goes back several centuries ago, and it continues to be used in the making of handrails. It helps to achieve safety for the inhabitants of a building while at the same time elevating its décor standards. It is even possible to achieve rustic wood finishes when working with wrought iron.

Along with its innate decorative nature, you get to augment the architecture of your home with something strong and reliable. Wrought iron is the material found in battleships, railways, the Eiffel tower, and other structures that exude robustness, stability, and durability.

Wrought iron can solve all your troubles when it comes to code compliance, building safety, and maintenance cost management. But please note that wrought iron is no longer produced commercially. The puddling and rolling processes require working by hand, unlike steel and cast iron, which can be mass-produced. As a result, many manufacturers pass off cast iron or stainless steel as wrought iron, but these are very different metals.

The only time you can be sure that you are getting genuine wrought iron handrails is when working with a custom fabrication shop. This way, you get to take part in the manufacturing process for transparency. You also get to dictate the design direction for better results in your home.

The only time you can be sure that you are getting genuine wrought iron handrails is when working with a custom fabrication shop.

This way, you get to take part in the manufacturing process for transparency. You also get to dictate the design direction for better results in your home.

Why Wrought Iron Hand Railings Perform Better At Safety And Beauty


The material is resistant to fading


It puts up well to rust.


Heavy, so it stays in place reliably for many years


Versatility in styling enables you to decorate your home in infinitely unique ways.


Resists corrosion far better than steel

Our wrought iron baluster installation process entails:

Custom baluster design – We can use your blueprints or a picture you like or develop new styles from scratch that reflects your taste. Mixing and matching design varieties—We can create composite stair railings and balusters that mix hammered, twisted, curved, round, ribbon, knuckled, and even scrolled spindles.

In-home consultation— we conduct a free assessment of your home to determine the scale of your project and the best approach for implementation. Moving all furniture and rugs Removing and replacing old balusters Installing new balusters & railings Follow up to ensure safety & security.

Railing Staircase 

Wrought Iron Balusters

Wrought Iron Staircase

Indoor Stair Railings

wrought Iron Stair Railings Interior

You might be pleased to note that even without painting, wrought iron handrails are beautiful and resistant to rust. The rust resistance of wrought iron comes from its fibrous nature. And when we add a little powder coating finish, your fixture will be tamper-proof regardless of the abuse they go through in your environment.

Wrought iron stair railings are a worthy investment for safety and beauty.

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