Iron Railings

We have all types of convenient, beautiful, and stylish railing designs. 

Whether you are finishing your home or commercial property or updating it for value and code compliance, you can contact Dave's Architectural Iron LLC for reliable railing solutions. Our collections include designs that are made for stability, strength, and durability. Measurements are meticulously done in adherence to building codes. Start your search here.

Residential Railings

These railing systems can go on the outdoors, including porches, balconies, and decks, or the stairways in the inside. You can choose residential railings made from a variety of materials, from iron to aluminum and steel. 

We use these materials to create attractive, reliable, and low maintenance railings. Our designs include:


Turned balusters: They are ideal for a traditional look. The design features a cylindrical shape with many curves. The balusters are of varying widths and are paired with a base at the bottom and top.


Sawn balusters:  This design comprises of vertical panels running all the way and is joined together with shaped spindles in the middle. The balusters come in various styles and shapes, and the objective is to maintain a consistent look all around the panel.


Cable:  The cable railing design uses thin metal wires arranged in a horizontal pattern between metal posts. Some models feature several small metal beams bundled together, while others comprise of just one thick metallic wire


Sunburst: This is a fan-shaped railing and baluster design with a series of lines blooming from a central spot. The design creates a fan-like appearance that is ideal for an artistic flair on your decks and balconies


Chippendale:  These residential railings feature an X pattern, with balusters meeting in the middle to form an X shape, and they are supported above and beneath by metallic panels.

 Commercial Railings

Commercial railings serve the same function as residential railings; they are for safety and beauty. Because costs can quickly run high in a business setting, we make these railings with long-lasting performance.Our materials, including steel, aluminum, and wrought iron, have low maintenance needs; they are corrosion resistant and can be forged into any shape. 

Pre-assembled railing designs:  If you choose this option, we ship the railings pre-built for quick and effortless installation. Our models feature balusters fastened to steel/iron or aluminum bars for strength and architectural beauty.  The pre-built designs include post to post and continuous profiles.

H series design: These are simple horizontal railing systems with panels at the top and bottom. The spindles form an H shape at the center that helps with structural strength.  The welded construction makes use of stainless steel rods and posts components.

Cable railings:  Our commercial cable railings are made for ease of installation. The designs feature beautiful bars at the top and bottom with elegantly finished iron cables running vertically between them. These railings come pre-assembled and feature a powder coating finish for advanced protection against rust and corrosion.

Railing balusters: Improve the value of your commercial property with these railing components. We have several designs of metallic balusters, including round, square, cylindrical and hollow shapes. You can similarly ask us to create custom shapes and designs that blend in well with your existing décor.

Iron Railings 

Outdoor Stair Railings

Outdoor Railings

Deck Railings

Iron railings are special when they are made to be durable and rust-free. Wrought iron, in particular, excels in strength and durability and can be fashioned into any shape. Our iron railing designs include cables, curved railings, classic railings, and starling railings, among others.

Starling railings: They have attractive scrollwork designs that can significantly elevate the curb appeal of a home or commercial building. The iron used has low carbon content and high tensile strength. The metal is powder-coated for corrosion and rust resistance.

Curved railings: Their design feature spears and hooks to create an alluring and sophisticated look for your exteriors.

Terrace railing designs: These are simple wrought iron railings with metal bars and wavy spindles running vertically between. Terrace iron railings can also be used on the balconies, and they come ready assembled for easy installation.

Ornamental iron railings:  We have several ornate iron railing designs, including products with gold finish, meshwork designs, branched out spindles, and animal shapes.

These installations will add a modern touch to your home without breaking your budget.

Let's help you turn your home or business property into a safe, beautiful, and comfortable place to be. Contact us for custom railing fabrication and installation.

Interior Railings

 Modern railings can be the focal point in your home and transform a deary space into an inspiring and inviting room.   When you need of creatively designed metallic railings for your interiors, talk to us. We will hook you up with the best. Our collections include:

Geometric patterns:  This is a trendy style in almost any contemporary interior décor and architecture right now. These railings provide the best safety and create a harmonious balance in your interior decoration.

Steel cables: In the hands of experts, steel, iron, and aluminum cables can also make a long-lasting visual impression. They are a chance to refresh the look of your stairs while achieving safety for your people and compliance with building codes.

Metal curves: When you need to spruce up that spiral staircase, we have metal curve railing designs that will help you achieve a dramatic and stunning look.  Fashioned purely from rust-free steel, iron, and aluminum, you can have the railings complemented with a versatile finish from simple to sophisticated, or vintage to glam.

Exterior Railings

The exterior of your home or commercial property deserves the best balustrades for building lasting impressions. That's because what's on the outside is the first thing anyone sees before stepping inside.

Our team can create for you custom exterior railing solutions that meet your specific architectural needs. You can also browse from our existing catalog that entails:

Nature-shaped railings: We can have your deck railings cut into different shapes of trees, animals, and flowers. These designs take the space of balusters, fastened between bars at the top and bottom for strength and durability.

Wavy designs: These deck and balcony railings take on an undulating and vertical arrangement of spindles between bars. The design comes pre-assembled for faster installation.

Fan-shaped railings: This refreshing design features rolls of the metal wound into an organic sun-like shape with blasters emanating from the center to capture the imaginations of everyone.

 Custom hammered railings:  These handcrafted metal pieces come in unique shapes. They have visible hammer marks and a rustic appeal. They are made from rust-free and corrosion-resistant materials and require little maintenance and finishing

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