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Wrought Iron Gates and Fences Are in Style Again


Wrought iron brings timeless elegance and beauty to the property they are included on. Whether it is a rail up the steps of a home, a fence surrounding the front of the property, or a magnificent gate, few things can add such a classic touch to your property. Not only can the beautifully stylish iron-work be a lovely addition to your home, studies show that wrought iron gates can also deter possible home intruders. Here are just a couple of reasons that wrought iron is in style again.


Although the olden-day iron fences and gates were lovely, there are many new designs that can fit into your home’s style. Whether you want the fence and gate to secure a walkway in front of your home or to signify a walking path on your property, the fencing can be designed to your specifications. Since the iron is strong and durable, wrought iron gates often require little maintenance to normal weather conditions and have been known to last for over 100 years.


Since ironwork is timeless, the construction of wrought iron is popular for use on banisters and staircases to add a Spanish feel or painted in your favorite color to add a touch of whimsy to your home. Inside doors made of wrought iron allowing entrance into atriums or greenhouses are also popular as they allow airflow but are still secure from intruders. Homeowners love knowing they can enhance airflow and still feel safe when they leave an entryway door open that is secured by wrought iron.

Your home may be your biggest investment, so why not make a statement to anyone approaching your property. Wrought iron gates and fences can not only make a striking impression, but they can also add value to your home for many years to come. Contact an iron works company today and see the large selection of modern styles they can create in a yesteryear material.

How Wrought Iron Gates Can Improve Your Home’s Appearance

iron fence

There are many things you can do to improve the appearance of your home. One of those things is to install wrought iron gates. These graceful and stunning gates can add character and charm to your home in a variety of ways.


Front Door

Oftentimes, the front door can be a focal point of the exterior of your house. What better way to make it stand out than with ironwork? This is usually done in combination with glass for a striking appearance. An added bonus is that the iron protects the door from debris during stormy weather.



Another place for a stunning visual design is at the entrance to a courtyard or garden. Installing wrought iron gates here can transform the area into a private oasis while adding personality or it can provide a welcoming feel by being left open. This is a great option for a Tuscan or Spanish design style.


Driveway Entrance

If you want to make a statement, install iron gates at your driveway entrance. You could add a design to make the ironwork more interesting, such as a family crest or symbol. A professional contractor specializing in ironwork can help you with the design.



When most people think of iron gates, they envision prominent black gates surrounding a fortress. While that can be the case sometimes, these gates can also be used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the entrance of your property. Instead of boring black bars, you can create a more interesting appearance with exquisite ironwork on the gate to make it less imposing and more aesthetically pleasing.  


Install Your New Gates Today

You can add instant appeal to your home by installing gorgeous wrought iron gates. Contact a professional to learn more about the different types and pick out a design to install. You’ll notice the improvement right away.

Reasons to Choose Wrought Iron Railings


There are few things in life that last throughout the centuries, but wrought iron is one of them. It is a strong and durable material that can be made to suit a variety of designs. Below you’ll find the three top reasons to choose wrought iron railings for your home.


  1. Pleasing Aesthetics

Wrought iron, in all its forms, can be a truly beautiful work of art. It used to be only available for the upper class but is now accessible to everyone.  When it is installed in your home or your garden, it adds a sense of charm and sophistication.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to the design, including modern or traditional. You also have the option to have the railings custom made to reflect your own personal style and taste, so speak with a professional contractor today to learn more about that process.


  1. Safety

Due to its strength, wrought iron is incredibly safe. That’s why it is a good option for outdoor decks and porches. Wrought iron railings add visual good looks and provide safety. That means you can lean on the railings while enjoying a backyard cookout without worrying about anyone falling off or the railing giving out.


  1. Durability

Wrought iron is a material that can stand the test of time, both as a fashionable decoration and as a strong material. These railings can withstand strong weather and having people lean on them all day long. If any damage is sustained, it’s easy to repair. A professional contractor can tell you how to best care for your new railings after they are installed.


Update Your Deck With Wrought Iron

True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, even with wrought iron, and should be shared all throughout your home. Hire a professional contractor today to discuss the wrought iron railings you want so you can add charm and beauty to your home no matter your décor style.

Reasons for the Lasting Charm of Wrought Iron Railings


There are some design trends that fade over time. However, wrought iron decoration is not one of them. Here are three reasons why wrought iron railings and gates continue to be appealing for home décor, both outside and inside.


  1. Multitude of Uses

One of the main reasons wrought iron decorations have endured throughout history is that they can be used in many areas of the home. The following are common places you might find these embellishments:


  • Front door
  • Driveway entrance
  • Perimeter fence and gate
  • Garden or courtyard gate
  • Staircase railings
  • Porch or deck railings


If you’re interested in installing wrought iron, speak with a professional contractor. They can help you pick the best design and find the perfect location for the décor.


  1. Timeless Beauty

Whether you place wrought iron railings around your backyard deck, on a staircase, around your porch or around your garden, you are instilling a sense of beauty that can last throughout the years. This is because the ironwork suits any decorating style while adding a bit of character and charm. While you can buy these railings ready made, you can also have them custom made if there is a particular style you want. A contractor can help with this process.


  1. Durability

Lastly, wrought iron is incredibly strong and durable. It can hold up under a great deal of strain and weather conditions, and is much easier to treat and repair than it used to be. When you choose wrought iron, you can rest easy knowing your children and even grandchildren can also enjoy the beauty that comes with these railings.


Wrought Iron Is for You

If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out with a bit of enduring elegance, consider iron gates and railings. Hire a professional contractor to make and install your wrought iron railings so you can enjoy the sense of beauty it adds to your home.

Finding the Right Wrought Iron Gate

iron fence

When it comes to gate and fencing styles, wrought iron gates tend to look beautiful and expensive. If you already invested in the iron fencing, then it makes sense to choose an iron gate to complement it. However, you don’t necessarily have to have the same material fencing as you do for the gate. Here are some tips to finding the right gate.


Consider Existing Style

Normally, when you choose iron gates, they are supposed to tie into the rest of your fencing. On one hand, your fence serves a practical purpose. It is your property’s marker, it keeps your kids and animals inside but it also is supposed to look good. You want to make sure the design fits together. When you choose a gate, make sure that it complements the rest of your fence.


Think About Privacy

When it comes to privacy, wrought iron gates are more likely to deter someone from trying to get into property uninvited. Now most designs are open and allow visibility onto your property. If that is not a concern for you, then wrought iron fencing works. Of course, if you want extra privacy, you can also use landscaping.


Look Into Cost

Cost and budget are important when it comes to choosing iron gates. Iron fencing is more expensive than wooden fencing, but it tends to last a lot longer with minimal maintenance. Keep maintenance costs in mind whenever you are thinking about the gate. A part of the cost is going to be the size of the gate. Are you gating off a driveway or your yard? The size matters to the cost.


Style, privacy and cost are crucial to your choice in a new gate. Wrought iron gates are beautiful and powerful. They can last for decades when maintained properly. Still, it’s important to consider all the factors before committing to a fence.

Adding Charm and Security by Using Wrought Iron Gates in Your Home


Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or just want to add a touch of class, wrought iron says quality. Wrought iron is made by heating a bar of iron until it is pliable. Then it is hammered and bent into shape twists, spirals and swirls and used to create beautiful fences, railings and gates that can be used in home or commercial applications. Just think of all the photo-worthy ways you could incorporate wrought iron gates into your home.



If you have small children or pets in the home, low iron gates are a beautiful and effective way to block an entrance (or exit) into certain areas of the house. The doors can remain open while the gate allows your child or pet to be within eyesight and not feel isolated. This would be a great use across a kitchen opening or at the top or bottom of a stairway.



Life in a big city can be full of excitement and adventure, but depending on where you live, you may find it wise to install bars over the windows for added security. Don’t settle for just any old straight metal bars – you are not in jail here – choose the glow of decorative wrought iron gates to cover your windows and your home will look stately, rather than prisonlike.



An iron gate lends unforgettable charm to your backyard sanctuary. A delightful iron gate with a curved top and a few ornamental features turns the walkway to your garden into a gateway into paradise. Add a gate to a backyard gazebo or the entrances of a breezeway to keep animals out and add a decorative touch.


Professional installation will ensure that your gates are attached securely and are durable as well as beautiful. Have your contractor discuss with you all of the ways that decorative wrought iron gates can add to the safety and curb appeal of your home.


Using 3D Plasma Cutting to Make Structural Steel


The use of steel in industrial architecture has been common practice for decades, and now the material is becoming popular in homes and other types of buildings. The ideal term for the framework of a multi-story building or structure is structural steel. Nowadays, a popular method for working with structural steel is three-dimensional plasma cutting. Most people, and even some architectural professionals, are still getting familiar with this new-age technology, but the benefits are beginning to make themselves known.


Structural steel is largely considered the skeleton of a building and is constructed with angles, beams, channels, columns, and plates, all of which are also made of steel. There are several methods used to fabricate structural steel, but the most popular method at the moment is three-dimensional plasma cutting. This technique evolved from plasma welding technology and is generally considered more advantageous than standard welding techniques.


The former technique for creating structural steel involved using a metal-toothed bandsaw to cut through steel cross sections and using beam drills to cut holes or slots into the steel. This technique has been used for several decades. Unlike this “metal-against-metal” cutting technique, 3D plasma cutting makes cleaner, more accurate cuts without producing metal chip by-products. This new method of cutting steel also allows for cutting through thicker metals, as opposed to laser cutting technology that can only cut through a limited range of thickness.


Older metal cutting methods are getting closer to being officially retired. The need for bandsaws and beam drill lines is slowly disappearing and being replaced by a uniform automated system that fabricates structural steel flawlessly. 3D plasma cutting technology is not only faster and more accurate, it also costs much less than older methods of cutting and fabricating structural steel. With the industrial future right around the corner, architectural firms everywhere can keep up with the changing demands of working with steel.


Adding Aesthetic Value to Your Home with Wrought Iron Gates


Gates and fencing around a home are idyllic. It’s picture perfect in every fairytale and when installed around your own home, can add a significant quality of hominess that you enjoy returning to at the end of each day. Wrought iron gates are one option for outfitting your home and adding to your curb appeal.


Benefits of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing is well known for its security, privacy, and durability. These are all important factors to consider when you are choosing gates for your home. A wrought iron gate, moreover, can bring an impressive aesthetic quality to your yard and house. Handcrafted gates in particular can be especially pleasing. Despite the traditional image of simple poles and spikes, wrought iron gates are available in many different styles, ranging from classic to modern.


How to Choose a Contractor

Once you have decided to go with wrought iron, it is important to choose a trusted local contractor who can install the gates well. When you are making this decision, there are a few factors to consider:


  • Durability: Do your research and read customer reviews to know whether the contractor works with durable materials. You want to install supremely wrought iron that isn’t going to rust and corrode after a year or two.
  • Installation: You also want to make sure that your contractor will work with you throughout every step in the process, from measurement to installation. Wrought iron gates are not typically a DIY process.
  • Cost: The price of your purchase will certainly be one of the main factors in choosing a contractor. If you are considering one that charges less, understand where they are cutting corners. Hand-wrought gates as compared to factory-produced, for example, may be more expensive, but the quality is likely to be higher.


When you select a qualified and trusted contractor for your wrought iron gates, you can begin the process of adding value to your home’s curb appeal. Choose a design that compliments your own tastes and the character of your home to fully maximize the aesthetic impact.

The Importance of Structural Detailing in the Modern Construction Industry


There are a number of ways structural steel can be used in the construction process. From steel beams, braces, and trusses, to metal decking and handrails, it’s one of the most widely used materials to date. The process of designing and creating the plans for these items is called structural detailing. Continue reading to learn a bit more about the important role detailing plays in the modern construction industry.

What Detailing Is

Steel detailing is a profession that works closely with contractors, steel fabricators, engineers, and similar professions to create ant plans and documentation needed. These are then used to create the structural steel materials used in a wide variety of projects. Project types can vary being residential, commercial, industrial as well as commercial in nature. In many cases retailers may subcontract so they can work with a wide variety of clients. Others may prefer to work as part of a single company or firm.


How Detailing is Used

Detailing is used in creation process of steel fabrications. The plans a detailer makes can be used to create beams and braces, columns, trusses, stairs and handrails, and even metal decking or plates. All of these can be used in a wide variety of construction projects. The drawings use to create these parts are often referred to as shop drawings. Once the pieces have been created the construction firm uses an erection drawing also created by the detailer to begin the assembly of the steel parts. Erection drawing often include dimensions, locations, and any addition instructions needed to put the fabricated parts into place.

A structural steel detailer can an important member for any construction team. Not only can the design the steel parts needed for the project, but they often also create the instructions needed for assembling the pieces at the work site. They work closely with the engineers and contractors of a project to help insure that the steel pieces needed are designed in a way that fits with the end vision.

American Style in Wrought Iron Doors


Anyone who studies architecture can tell you that American styles have some unique aspects. Where European styles are deeply rooted in period history and follow a set motif, American styles tend to blend elements together from a wide variety of design traditions. Wrought iron doors can be one great example of how this is done as many have both modern and classic elements incorporated into the same design.


Multiple Styles Available

These doors can fit well with a wide variety of home styles and often come in a wide variety of designs. Whether your home has a mix of gothic and modern architecture or is a classic Victorian style, there are a number of door configurations that you may find to be a good fit. Choosing a new style of door can also be a great way up update your home’s look. American style doors are created to be as much a melting pot of design ideas as home architecture often is. Consider your home’s base style and choose a door to complement it, or choose one to stand out for an added bit of flare.


Designed to Fit Your Home

These doors can also be designed to fit a number of doorway styles. Some wrought iron doors are designed to fit in standard door sizes so that you can have them installed in any traditional doorway. Others are created with decorative side or top panels if you would like the additional design element. Iron Doors may also come as double doors as well as single for those who enjoy a wide entryway.


If you’re looking for American style wrought iron doors, you don’t have to feel confined to one single design motif. These doors often pull from a variety of design traditions in order to come up with something new, much the way many American designers do. Think about your home’s style, your doorway type, and what elements you personally enjoy, when choosing your next door.