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Staircase Designs For Homes

Modern Staircase Designs For Homes

Although wood and aluminum are the more popular choices for staircase construction today, contractors and homeowners everywhere are beginning to recognize and appreciate the use of steel for staircase building. Have you ever thought about incorporating steel stair railings into your home? Whether you’ve considered the idea or never even thought about it, there are plenty of reasons to consider this durable metal for creating the perfect staircase in your environment.

There are tons of people out there who believe that steel is a difficult material to work with, especially when constructing stairs, but this is simply not the case. In fact, steel is not only known to hold up better than wood and other materials, it’s also incredibly easy for professionals to construct a staircase with. This is why many industrial buildings with heavy foot traffic incorporate steel into much of their architecture.

Wooden Staircase Designs For Homes

Staircases consist of three main parts: the riser, which connects the two floors together; the handrails for upper body support; and the tread, which is attached horizontally between two risers. Imagine constructing all these stair parts with steel instead of wood. It’d be a great choice because steel can really take a beating, which is great if your home has energetic kids or pets constantly running from one floor level to the next. If you have heavy loads to carry up and down your stairs, steel will never buckle under your feet.

Modern Staircase Design Gallery

Steel stairs also have the potential to bring an element of style into your home. There are several design options available, including standard, circular, and spiral staircases. Most people have long associated steel architecture with industrial settings, but using steel in your home architecture is generally considered forward-thinking in the world of home aesthetics. Give steel a try—not only will your home be more stylish, you’ll have a safety feature that wooden stairs could never measure up to.